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For the first time in Bali, Apnea and In da Surf School introduce a freediving training designed for surfers , adventurers and extreme water sports lovers!

This course based on freediving practice, to help surfers hold their breath longer and feel more confident when they jump on their board to tackle those big waves! We will teach you breathing techniques, which will help you hold your breath longer, and prepare your body and mind for the water.

Theory about human physiology and phases of drowning, pool practice of real-life situation in a controlled environment will help you later to better handle stressful or dangerous situations.


  • This program will be helpful if
  • One-day course including
  • Minimum requirement
    • You have a aquatic/ wave fear
    • You can't relax during surfing
    • You panic under the water
    • Your goal is to catch a bigger wave
    • You want to know how to handle extreme and dangerous situation
    • You want to understand your body's abilities and use them for better result
    • You want to improve your surfing level
    • Theory class

    Mammalian Diving Reflex / Drowing / black out scenario / Dry breath-hold / CO2 and Oxygen in our body

    • Swiming pool session

    Simulation exercises in the pool / Breath hold practice / Rescue

    • Pranayama Breathing session
    • You have to be able to swim in a swimming pool
    • Basic english knowledge
    • Good health condition
    • No pregnant women are allowed

USD 99

per person

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