Canggu Surf Spots - Echo Beach

June 08, 2016 | 0 Comment

Canggu Surf Spots - Echo Beach


  • Type of break- Reef break
  • Wave direction- Left
  • Optimal Tide: mid tide to high tide
  • Best swell 3ft+ to 8ft
  • Best swell direction: S -SE

Echo beach can be found at the end of Jl. Batu Mejan and has 3 surf spots - Echo, Sandbar and Prerenan.  All three of these spots are suited for intermediate to advanced surfers.

The Echo beach surf spot is located in front of Sate Bali restaurant and the Echo beach restaurant. There is parking available which costs 2000 IDR for bikes and 3000 IDR for cars, once again, be careful about leaving things inside your scooter as thieves can open the trunk.

As it is a reef break, surfers are encouraged to use the channel located in front of Sand Bar to paddle out. At lower tides, watch for boils in the water as that usually indicates a hidden rock submerged in the water.

There is no board rental at echo beach so make sure you bring your own board. If you fancy a drink or a bite to eat after your session, numerous small bars and warungs line the boardwalk. In addition, there are plenty of umbrellas and beach chairs available for rent, as the black sand beaches get quite hot during the day.

It’s not uncommon to see professional surfers tearing it up in the water due to the high performance nature of the wave, so there is plenty of action to watch for those sitting on the beach.

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