Surf Spots - Kedungu Beach

December 02, 2016 | 0 Comment

Surf Spots - Kedungu Beach

Type of break - reef break

Wave direction - right and left

Best at mid to low tide

Best swell - 3-8ft

Kedungu beach has a long stretch of black sand and is located behind Tanah Lot. From Canggu it takes approximately 30 minutes to drive by scooter or car. There are a few small warungs, food stands and a shower at the parking area right in front of the beach.

There are three breaks at Kedungu beach. The main break is a left and right hander. To it’s left, you will find a lefthander that offers a longer ride. This break also works at low tide, however you must take care as there can be rocks, sea urchins and sharp corals in the shallow water.

Kedungu’s waves may look powerful, but are usually very mellow so can be perfect for beginners when the waves are smaller. When the swell is big, the waves offers a great ride for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Moreover, there is a shortbreak that can be very powerful. Depending on the swell direction, it offers a left and right hander for advanced surfers. Be careful when you leave the water and always take a look around as the end sections of the shortbreak can be really dangerous.


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